Dr. Blalock and BT shunt



一個是富有的白人外科主任,一個是出身貧困的黑人醫技人員,兩人的合作創造了醫學上的重大突破,獲得眾人的讚賞;但同時也面對種族歧視和機會不均的痛苦教 訓。1940年代,巴爾第摩,布拉洛克醫師(艾倫瑞克曼)和實驗室醫技人員(莫斯戴夫)組成了一個出色的小組,為「藍嬰症」的嬰兒進行開心手術。即使兩人 的合作為醫學界寫下創新的一頁,挽救了數千人的性命,社會壓力還是迫使兩人必須要拆夥,也拆散兩人的友誼。同片演出的還有瑪麗史都華麥特森、蓋柏莉尤恩、 凱拉塞吉維克。導演為約瑟夫沙金特,編劇是彼得席爾曼、陶德飛利浦。

SOMETHING THE LORD MADE is a moving story of men who defy the rules
and start a medical revolution. Their patients are known as the "blue
babies" - infants suffering from a congenital heart defect that turns
them blue as they slowly suffocate.

Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) and Vivien Thomas (Mos Def) make a
brilliant team. But even as they race against time to save one
particular baby, the two occupy different places in society. Blalock
is the white, wealthy head of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Thomas is black and poor, a skilled carpenter whose dream of going to
college and becoming a doctor was ruined by the Great Depression,
although he was naturally gifted with the intuition and dexterity of a
great surgeon.

Even as they save lives and invent a whole new field of medicine,
social pressures threaten to tear them apart. Ultimately, however,
Thomas finds his dreams coming true in unexpected ways


Blalock-Taussig shunt

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